Family Breakfast -- October 2009 -- Savoy

See Summary of Attendees Below

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Classmates/spouses/friends in the two group pictures are as follows:

Group #1: Seated: Pat Muck, Betty Ann (Baker) Myers, Judy (Kahl) Ell, Marilyn (Layman) Tracy, Joyce (Barkdoll) Henicle, Linda (Stevens) Fitz, Donna (Benchoff) Hovis
Back Row: Ina Mary (Buhrman) King, Lois Abbott, Bill Kipe, Jack Abbott, Bob Everly, Bob Newcomer, Barb (Huff) Everly, Kenny Hovis, Luther Sharpe, Evelyn Hovis.

Group #2: Down in Front: Martha (Lindner) Zimmerman, Sally (Weikert) Rowe,
Row 1: Beverly (Fridinger) Gates, Eleanor (Glass) Black, Carolyn (Kinna) Sease, Don Valentine, Darlene (Cline) Sease, Jerry Zeigler, Edna Zeigler, Don Sheffler, Nancy Sheffler, Lois (Snowvberger) Knott, Norman Knott.
Row 2: Darryll Gates, Doris (Mackey) Stoner, Lamar Sease, John Higgins, Nancy (Eberly) Higgins, John Pentz, Larry Moser, Keith Starliper, Pam (Bonebrake) Ray.

Attendees not in group pictures:
Linda (Smith) Stoops, Shirley Davis, Joe Ell, Sheila Sheila Moser, Don Pisle, Don Ray, Sheila Spangler, Randy Beamer and Tom O'Shea.

Anyone interest in a group picture that Martha took. just send her an email, or get in touch with one of the Committee Members.